COMET Collaboration Reminders

This page summarises necessary information for COMET collaboration members. 

Standard password

This  goes 'T**********',  if  you know  what  it  is.  Please  ask your
Collaboration Board  rep if you do  not,  and let's  keep it  within the

Computing-Related Accounts at KEK/J-PARC

Account management at  the KEK/J-PARC level is now  all online,  under a
single portal site which is at <>.

COMET Communication Group

All issues relating to communication (internal and external) are handled
by the Communications Group. The current membership is:

* Kiyoshi Hayasaka             
* Pradeep Sarin                        
* Dima Shoukavy                    

* Members of the Executive Board (ex-officio)
  * Yoshi Kuno                     
  * Satoshi Mihara                       
  * Yoshi Uchida                   

Internal Web Site

The web site for internal collaboration use is <>.

Registration instructions  are given  when you  access it.  You  need to
choose a  username for  the system when  you contact  the Communications
Group to register. We are still transitioning to this site.

Publication and Presentation Policy

The  Publication  and  Presentation  Policy  was  finalised  at  CM27 in
February 2019. The document can be found at: <>

Mailing lists

For all collaborators (you should be registered automatically):

Please contact the Project Manager  at to be added
to the specialised mailing lists below.

Topical lists (please ask the Project Manager to join this list):

* Analysis and Software                         <>
* ECAL                                        <>
* CyDet                                        <>
* Radiation Studies                       <>
* Cosmic ray veto                              <>
* Trigger                                  <>

* Collaboration Board (for CB members only):    <>
* Technical Board (Subproject Coordinators):

Indico site

For meetings, we use Indico at KEK (KDS), at the following URL: <>

An account is needed to access site, via the Portal (see above).

Pages can still be password-protected  within this,  in which case it is
the Collaboration-standard password.

Collaboration Meetings are at: <>

The Monthly Meeting pages are at: <>

A Calendar of meetings can be viewed at: <>

(This is not being used by all working groups, however)

Request summary page


You can send requests for detector assembly space or equipment etc to the COMET KEK facility group through the page at

The KEK group will make best efforts to realize though there would be a case not fully satisfying.

Bicycles at J-PARC

For those without cars,  it is useful  to rent a bicycle when at J-PARC.
You can book one by putting a  request in the "Application form to visit
J-PARC" (instructions are  on  that  page)  at  the  same  time that you
register for accommodation.

The Hadron  Hall Secretariat,  located on the  2nd floor of  the Tokai 1
Building, also has bicycles that we are able to rent.

These are both free of charge.

Software Repository based on Git and GitLab

The   software  for   COMET,   ICEDUST,   and  all   the  documentation,
issue-tracking and coding  support systems all reside on  our own GitLab
site, maintained by our friends at the IN2P3 Computing Centre in Lyon.

To obtain an account,  head to:  <> and follow the
sign-up instructions on  the  landing  page.  Once  you  have created an
account,  send the  username to <>  so that I
can add you to the COMET group on GitLab. Please let me know who you are
working with and how long you expect to be working on the experiment.

Getting Started with the Software:

Instructions for installing ICEDUST can then be accessed at: <>

Software Trac/Wiki site and Subversion Repository

Please note that  the hostname for this  changed to
in August 2020.

Our old software repository was  based on the "Trac" system,  and whilst
many aspects of this have moved over  to GitLab,  we do still use it for
some software-related work (which we probably should move away from some
time in the future).

The  Trac  wiki  is  at <>,  where
further instructions can be found.

To obtain  an account for both  the Subversion  repository and  the Trac
site,  please email  Simon Fayer <>,  cc:ing, requesting an account on the COMET SVN/Trac

Once  you   have  an   account,   you  can   reset  your   password  at:

DocDB site for general document management

We are using the DocDB site at: <>
to share files  with each other.  The login details are  the same as for
the Trac/Subversion site above.  Admittedly,  this is used less and less
nowadays, as Indico and the <> site become more popular.

Executive Board

* Yoshi Kuno     (Osaka, Spokesperson)     <>
* Satoshi Mihara (KEK, Project Manager)          <>
* Yoshi Uchida   (Imperial and Osaka, Collaboration Board Chair)

Please  do  not  hesitate  to  let  me  know  if  there  is  any further
information for which reminders such as these would be helpful.